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Deprecating Support for Microsoft SmartScreen Filters

The majority of emails sent daily around the globe is spam - no corporate mail server should lack a spam-filtering software. In the past, many businesses relied on Microsoft's SmartScreen Filters.

The SmartScreen Filters were a service Microsoft offered until November 2016. The filters ran on Exchange Servers and scanned incoming emails. For each email a spam confidence level was set. If the level was too high, the email was marked as spam and moved to the junk folder by Outlook.

Support for Microsoft SmartScreen Filters was deprecated on November 1 2016. No further updates will be released, the filters' reliability continues to drop. Microsoft states that the filters did not work well enough to warrant continued support.

Cheap Local Solutions vs. Expensive Cloud Solutions

The Exchange Server Toolbox improves your local Exchange Server with spam and virus protection and adds a secure email archive as well as a flexible rule system.

Cloud solutions mean monthly bills: Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (1 USD per user and month) and the Exchange Online Archive (3 USD per user and month) can be expensive assets. The Exchange Server Toolbox has no monthly fee. Buy the license once and use it as long as you like. You will even get 12 months of free updates and technical support!

Let's compare the costs (only software prices considered):

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection Microsoft Exchange Online Archive Exchange Server Toolbox
Free trial!
Spam Filter yes no yes
Anti Virus yes no yes
Email Archive no yes yes
Rule System yes unclear yes
Sample Calculation
(for 100 Users)
1,200 USD
3,600 USD
489 USD
one-time payment

Information as of September 1, 2016.

Privacy is taken seriously: The Exchange Server Toolbox processes the emails in your company network - not on external servers.

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