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Exchange Server Toolboxv5.7Anti-Spam & -Virus, Backup and Rules Engine for the Exchange Server


Use the global rule system for Exchange Server and automatize processes

With the global rule system integrated in the Exchange Server Toolbox you can use rules to determine how incoming, sent or internal emails shall be processed (internal emails: Exchange Server 2007 and higher).

The rules facilitate an automatized email processing at the server level. The emails may even be passed to external programs. The Exchange Server Toolbox rule system uses regular expressions.

It goes without saying that you can easily create your own rules or modify existing rules.

Example: Your online shop automatically generates an order notice and sends them via email to the appropriate account manager. Each order shows an order number, a date, and an article number starting with the characters UTN in its subject. In the email content more detailed information regarding the order are available (no variations regarding the format). Once such an order email is detected (and thus the condition "order email" has been fulfilled) additional headers are added to the email's subject. The Exchange Server or Outlook rules then sort the email and move it to the inbox marked "outstanding orders". At the same time, the email is passed as an EML file to your internal inventory control system, which in turn reads and processes all relevant information.

The rules can also protect you from inandvertedly sending out spam emails (and the resulting possible lawsuits) by blacklisting recipient adresses for all accounts.

Can the rule system increase spam protection?

The Exchange Server Toolbox uses SpamAssassin as part of the rule system. The spam blocker assigns an internal spam score to each email. The score is determined by different criteria. Once an email crosses a predefined threshold, it will be refused by the server (Exchange Server 2007 and higher). If a lower spam score is detected, the email will be delivered but marked as possible spam or junk email.

Does the Exchange Server Toolbox influence the Outlook on my PC?

Not directly! The rule system of the Exchange Server Toolbox works on the server level, one level above your local email software. After emails have been checked by the Exchange Server Toolbox they are processed according to the rules in your Outlook - while profiting from the advanced spam protections and antivirus protection.

The Exchange Server Toolbox rule system

Easily mange rule in the Exchange Server Toolbox backend.

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