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SpaceObServer Web Accessv2.2Access SpaceObServer scan results via your Web Browser

Changes in 2.2: (26 Jun 2019)


oThe Web Access is compatible with Windows Server 2019.


oAnalogous to SpaceObServer the Web Access has now an Overview Panel. The Overview Panel shows details of a selected Scan.

oIn the table ‘Details’ a context menu can be opened via right-click which provides an option to add a note to a folder or file. You can add notes to multiple entries by selecting multiple rows. These notes are visible both in Web Access and SpaceObServer in the column ‘Note’.

oIn the directory tree containers can now be marked via checkboxes.


oSome internal adjustments have reduced the load times of the SpaceObServer Web Access in many areas. The usability and reactivity was noticeably increased.

oThe selection of units and size units for the directory tree now loads much smoother.

oThe selection of options in the charts, history and distribution now loads much smoother.

oDebug logs can now be sent, downloaded and deleted via the administrator backend.

oLogin with a user of the "Restricted" role could possibly lead to a long delay at the beginning of the session. This issue has been resolved.

oIf the Web Access is installed as an application and the name of the application was created before the installation, then you can now use the created name.

oAfter completing the setup, the user can now start Web Access directly in the browser.

oThe scroll bar in tables is now clickable to move the displayed selection quickly.

oSome minor improvements and bugfixes have been incorporated.


oThe column "Allocated" has been added to the table "Top 100 Files" and shows the used space of each file. The columns "Folder Path", "Absolute Path", and "Allocated" have been added to the table "Duplicate Files". The "Files" column has been removed.

oThe file "readme.txt" has been deleted. The information from the file is now displayed directly in the appropriate places.


oIf the ACL had been used for a container then an 'Access Violation' exception occurred while loading into the directory tree. This has been fixed.

oIn tables with many datasets the time was displayed incorrectly in the progress dialog when sorting a column. This has been fixed.

oIf the Web Access had been installed in the IIS configuration as an application, then layout problems were encountered. This has been fixed.

oSome minor bug fixes have been incorporated into the new version.


Changes in 2.1: (10 Jul 2018)


Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 and 10 has been dropped.

Support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 has been dropped.


The web interface is now available in German. On the login page there is a radio button to switch between English and German.

In the tab 'Charts' a new button has been added. This button provides options to show certain elements in the treemap.


During an update or reinstallation an error appeared in the Event Viewer under certain circumstances. This error is fixed now.

In the Google Chrome browser, the "Save" button for exporting tables or charts sometimes did not respond. The bug is fixed now and the button reacts as expected.

When searching for a user in a domain, an exception error occurred if the domain of the machine and the target domain did not have a trust. A suitable notification is displayed now.

If a user from another domain logged in to Web Access, under some circumstances an exception error occurred and logon failed. This has been fixed.

Some minor improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated into the new version.

Changes in 2.0: (27 Feb 2018)

New Bitness:

The Web Access changes to 64 bit. A 32 bit version is no longer available.


Web Access now provides a role system. The role system configuration is located in the administrator backend. A role connects multiple Windows accounts or groups with permissions. The Web Access supports nested groups. A user can only log into Web Access when he belongs to a role, either through a connected Windows group or directly through his user account. When a user belongs to multiple roles, then all activated permissions of all belonging roles will be additively combined. Three recommended roles are available as presets. It is possible to add, edit, delete and clone roles. The setup provides an input mask to add users to the administrator role.

Web Access caches the group membership of a logged in user for 15 minutes. When the group membership is changed in the Active Directory, then Web Access applies the changes after 15 minutes. In the administrator backend, in the tab 'Information', there is a button to delete the cache and force a reload. After that, Web Access refreshes the cached groups from the Active Directory, during login.

When SpaceObServer scans with an activated ACL (Access Control List) and Web Access has enabled the respective option,  the displayed data is filtered by the ACL. An ACL-filtered Scan has a blue filter icon as indicator in the folder tree.

The setup dialog for the configuration of the admin role now shows a warning when the currently logged-in user is not a member of the administrator role.

In the administrator backend, the tab 'Users' has been renamed into 'Licenses'. The controls to register users or set filters to users are no longer available in this tab. The role system is now responsible for these purposes. The tab 'Licenses' now only summarizes all information about used licenses.

New Export Functions:

It is now possible to export the data in tables in CSV, Excel, TXT, or PDF format.

It is now possible to export the images in the tabs 'Charts', 'History' and 'Distributions' in PNG, JPEG, Bitmap, and GIF format.


In the tabs 'Extensions', 'Users' and 'Top100' a dropdown menu provides checkboxes to hide/show columns, these settings are persisted across sessions.

The dropdown for tables now provides the horizontal order of columns, these settings are persisted across sessions.

In the tabs 'Extensions', 'Users', and 'Top100' the tables show the data noticeably faster.

Tables now load only data from the server for fields visible in the window, therefore tables with many datasets display the first results much faster.

In the tab 'Extensions', the data in groups is only loaded from the server when users expand groups (Lazy Load). This reduces the initial loading time of the table.

If users select rows in tables and switch between the tabs, the rows remain selected.


The history provides new additional information: 'Size', 'Allocated', and 'Average'.

The tab 'Charts' provides the 'Tree Map' now.

The tab 'History' provides a button to enable/disable a grid now.

When users switch between the tabs 'Charts' and 'History' the client does not reload the images from the server again, showing the images from the cache instead.

Changed Compatibilities:

Web Access requires an installed SpaceObServer with at least version V6.x, which was released on 11th of November, 2017.


In the tab 'Details' the columns 'Last Modified' and 'Last Accessed' sometimes displayed the data with a noticeable delay.

Switching between the tabs 'Extensions', 'Users', 'Top100' and 'Duplicate Files' sometimes resulted in long waiting times, because server side processes blocked each other.

In the tables sometimes negative values were colored green. All negative values are red now.

The sorting of some table columns with decimal places was wrong.

When users switched the selection of folders in the folder tree between two scans, the 'History' sometimes displayed no data.

When SpaceObServer made an update scan, the tab 'Extensions' didn´t show the updated data in the entire session. A re-login was required. The table now shows the updated data after pressing the F5 button.

In the tab 'Charts' sometimes the identifier of the x-axis was missing.


The icons and the appearance have been adapted analogously to SpaceObServer.

There a two new items added to the Windows Start Menu: "Configure Administrator Role" and "Configure Database".

Some minor improvements and bugfixes have been incorporated.

Changes in 1.4.0: (06 Feb 2017)

The Web Access now provides the tab 'Duplicates' where users can investigate file duplicates as in the SpaceObServer.

The login mask now shows the checkbox 'Remember me on this computer'. The user remains logged in when he closes and re-opens the browser.  Administrators can deactivate this checkbox via the 'WebAccess.config'.

A switch between tabs no longer reloads the table content from the server.

Vertical scrolling in tables is a little bit faster now.

Sorting the directory tree and the tables by size or name is faster now. Data is reloaded from the server only in rare cases.

In some table columns percent values are shown as percent bar now.

While sorting expensive columns in the 'Details' tab, the progress bar shows the remaining time now.

The application specific configuration part in the 'Web.config' file has been moved to the 'WebAccess.config' file. Configurations in these files are no longer overwritten by future updates.

Bugfix: The login of the administrator account failed in certain cases and an error message was displayed. This error has been fixed.

Bugfix: New scans are displayed now after refreshing the browser (F5). A re-login is no longer necessary to achieve this.

Bugfix: In the directory tree, when a checkbox had the state 'mixed' and all other chekboxes at the same level had the state 'checked', then the parent element was wrongly shown as 'checked'. This has been fixed.

Some minor improvements and bugfixes have been incorporated.

Changes in 1.3.0: (08 Aug 2016)

The new table design builds and displays lists much faster. The button 'more' has been removed. Initially, all data will be loaded from the server. The new table design makes it possible to sort, search, and filter fast in the entire result set.

In the tab 'Extensions' the groups can now be expanded.

In the directory tree the age of a scan will be now displayed.

The bar chart is no longer cropped. The chart is vertically scrollable now, all information will be displayed.

In the tab 'Distributions' the chart can be scrolled horizontally now.

When sorting an compute-intensive column in the tab 'Details', the entire data will be loaded synchronously from the server. A dialog shows the progress and provides a button to cancel the loading process.

The loading time of the login has been reduced.

When the SpaceObServer and the SpaceObServer Web Access have been installed on the same machine and an update of the SpaceObServer Web Access has been made, then the SpaceObServer.exe had to be registered manually by the console command '/regserver'. This is not necessary any more. The SpaceObServer Web Access is independent from the SpaceObServer now.

In the tabs 'Extensions' and 'Users' multiple extensions and users can now be selected and filtered.

During the setup process the SpaceObServer Web Access can be applied to an existing web site as an application. The same dialog now provides an additional field to change the name of the application.

The feature check now works faster during initial setup.

The form enabling users to choose a permitted group or user for the administrator backend during setup has been improved. The form allows searching a group or user in the Active Directory and applying the SID from the search result.

In the demo version the user limit has been increased from 5 to 10 users.

In the login mask the field of the account name will be pre-allocated with the last logged in account name.

Bugfix: When navigating in trees of Exchange Servers, sometimes an error (500) occurred. This is no longer the case.

The SID of a registered user will not be displayed in the administrator backend any more. Instead of the SID the table now displays the Domain of a user.

Bugfix: A fast switch between the administrator backend and the main page led to an error. This is no longer the case.

Some other minor usability improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated into the application.

Please note: SpaceObServer Web Access v1.3 will no longer support the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

Changes in 1.2.1: (23 Nov 2015)

The loading time after entering the user credentials has been reduced significantly.

The Windows Authentification for the database connection could interfere with the user access of the scans. This is no longer the case.

In specific cases the status of an checkbox of root directories was not inherited from its subfolders. This error has been fixed.

Some other minor improvements and revisions have been incorporated into the user interface and the setup.

Changes in 1.2: (26 Oct 2015)


The startup time of the SpaceObServer Web Access has been increased remarkably, especially when working with many scans. Root directories will be loaded faster at startup. The progress is displayed in a progress bar.

The loading time required when expanding folders in the directory tree has been reduced.

All pie, bar and line charts have been redesigned to match SpaceObServer V5.3

New login mask: The forms authentication has replaced the old authentication method. Users are able to logout without closing the browser and the logout in the Internet Explorer now works.

Users are now able to create a link referring to the selected folder and tab via the context menu.

The state of a scan ("scanned", "not scanned yet" etc.) is now shown in the combo box on top left.

Improved the display of errors which occur on synchronous and asynchronous requests.

The tab 'History' now provides the option 'Interpolation'.

Optimized the performance of the surface using native JavaScript. This is noticeable in the directory tree.

Fixed a timeout that occurred when many datasets of tables were loaded. The contents of tables will be partially loaded from the server now.

Bugfix: The setup did not accept versions of the .NET Framework v4.5 and higher. This problem mainly occured on Windows 10.

Bugfix: Occassionally some root directories were not listed in the combo box. This is no longer the case.

Bugfix: When sorting a list the sorting order was wrong for some columns. This has been fixed. Sorted columns will now be memorized when switching between tabs or changing metrics.

Bugfix: The search function now works for all lists.

When a column is added to the "Details" list, the new column is marked and scrolled into the visual range.

Bugfix: The number of rows in some lists did not match with number of items in the common SpaceObServer user interface. This is no longer the case.

Bugfix: A server error occurred when selecting a "[Files]" node in the directory tree and pressing F5. This has been fixed.

Bugfix: Several URLs were not resolved correctly if the sofware was installed as 'Application' in the IIS. This is no longer the case.

Administrator Backend:

Improved the layout of the administrator backend. Implemented tabs for a better overview.

A user can be deleted from the registration once he has been removed from the Active Directory.

If the filter 'Show user data only' is enabled for a user, a warning is shown in the folder tree.

Bugfix: When trying to access the admin backend an error code 1301 and principal exception was shown. This is no longer the case.

Error reports can now be copied to the clipboard.

Bugfix: A user that exist in a different domain than the machine, where the Web Access is installed, he could not be registered in the past.

The section 'Register a User' has been improved. A user can now be found in the Active Directory by searching for his account name.


In the setup the dialog of the check for required Windows features has been improved.

Bugfix: Fixed a bug that occurred during the installation of SpaceObServer Web Acces when setting up the group that has access to the administrator backend.


Updated the frameworks ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, and Knockout.js.

The demo version now allows 5 users to test the software and expires after 30 days.

Improved the general usability.

Many minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Changes in 1.1.1: (24 Mar 2015)

Files are now listed correctly on the 'Details' tab.

After the installation, the first registered user is granted the 'Show All Data' permission automatically.

Accessing the administrator backend resulted in an error under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.

Directly accessing the administrator backend via the URL could result in an error message. This has been fixed.

Some other minor improvements and corrections have been incorporated into the setup, the software, and the online help.


Changes in 1.1: (23 Feb 2015)

The delay at the start of the software has been shortened.

The administrator is now able to register users end set permissions to each user separately in the administrator backend.

Size changes are now highlighted in a different color in the tree.

The application main page and administrator backend can be started from the start menu now.

Columns in tables are now resizable.

Adding columns to tables works faster now.

A debug mode is now available: The application records operations into a log file. The debug mode can be enabled in the administrator backend.

The setup now checks if necessary Windows features are already installed. If not, the user can enable the missing features and see a short description.

If loading failed when expanding a folder in the file tree, the load operation never stopped. Aborted loading tasks are now marked and can be restarted.

The user interface only renders 100 rows in tables. Additional rows can be added manually. This restriction prevents the interface from freezing.

Adding an expensive column in the 'Details' table could sometimes result in an timeout. The entire loading process stopped and an dialog came up. Now the failing fields will be marked and the loading process continues.

The root directories are now loaded after the page becomes visible.

In the tab 'Details', the selection of columns will not cause the list to scroll any more. This behavior occured in the Internet Explorer.

The search field on tables does not search on each keypress any more, since it slowed the search down. The newly added 'okay' button starts the search.

When no history of a scan exist, a hint will be displayed for the user.

The Installshield installer has been replaced by Windows Installer XML (WIX).

Bugfix: The left pane was not resizeable in some IE8 browser versions. This problem has been fixed.

Bugfix: Clicking a tree item in a container selected an item outside of the container. This problem has been fixed.

Several minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Changes in 1.0.1: (20 Aug 2014)

The delay at the start of the software was shortened.

Errors will be logged now and can be sent to the SpaceObServer-support via the administrator backend.

The button 'Group similar file types in one group' keeps state after page reload.

Bugfix: In the "Details", an error appeared when adding columns.

In the "History" the button 'Show Total Disk Space' is disabled by default now.

Several minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.