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SpaceObServerv6.0The Database-Based Disk Space Manager

Manage storage space on Linux and Unix servers

Do you not only work with Windows, but also with Linux or Unix and pay attention to your storage resources?

SpaceObServer is the only disk space management solution on the market that scans both Windows drives as well as Linux or Unix servers. This enables you to create a uniform reporting and management of storage space across all systems.

Using the SSH network protocol, the smart disk space manager accesses Linux or Unix directories that are not included in your Windows environment. The following scan provides a detailed insight into the storage capacity of the servers.

Adresslisten ganz einfach filtern mit SmartSerialMail
Detailed view of folders and subfolders on a Linux server

Data for the structure, size and properties of files can be prepared and visualized in the form of meaningful reports. This allows you to see at a glance which files you can delete to get more storage space on all your servers.

Get a quick overview of the storage space in any server environment you work in with SpaceObServer!

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