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SpaceObServerv6.0The Database-Based Disk Space Manager

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With SpaceObServer, we finally have the possibility to visualize for our employees where which amounts of data are located, in a clear and easy way. Now we know where our 'graveyards of data' are hidden. Using SpaceObServer, we are capable of continuously monitoring and systematically optimizing our disk space - with minimal effort and low costs.

Christian Erwin, IMS Lead SCHOTT Solar AG

Learn more about the application of SpaceObServer at SCHOTT Solar in our Case Study.

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SpaceObServer is in fact an easy to use hard disk space manager for Windows. Using a background service, the application scans all your local drives as well as your network drives.
It does this so that it can store their structure, sizes and properties in an SQL database. All the data collected by SpaceObServer is served to you in an interface that resembles Windows Explorer. You can view said data as a 3D bar, a pie chart, line chart, or tree map. Is collecting all this info useful for anything? It is useful if you want to keep track of disk space usage over time.
By knowing how space is used, you can forecast future space usage. SpaceObServer comes with a feature that allows you to locate duplicate files. It also comes with a flexible file search tool that helps you find very big, old or obsolete files.

George Norman, Software Editor at FindMySoft

I really like SpaceObServer. We serve hundreds of shares with quotas, and being able to generate reports (among other things) that allow our users to see where and how they are using their allocated space is tremendously helpful.

Erich Hammer