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Use the OLE Interface to Automatize Processes

The OLE interface (short for Object Linking and Embedding) of the SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition enables you to export scans, lists (e.g. 100 largest files, file types or user statistics), or graphical visualizations (e.g. piecharts or treemaps) automatically. You can also use it to change scan settings and force scans.

And this is what makes SpaceObServer special: You can access SpaceObServer functions from your own programs or scripts (e.g. VBScript).

 'Declare variables
Path = InputBox("Enter the directory to export",Wscript.ScriptName,"C:\")
If Path><"" Then
 'Initialize variables
Set SOS = CreateObject("SpaceObServer.Application")
SOS.ROOTDirectory = Path
 'Customize the visible columns of the lists to export
SOS.ListColumnVisible ("extensionslist", "SizeChange") = True
SOS.ListColumnVisible ("userslist", "SizeChange") = True
 'Export lists
SOS.ListExport "C:\Reports\extensions.csv", "extensionslist", True, False
SOS.ListExport "C:\Reports\user.csv", "userslist", True, False

Using the OLE interface offers greater flexibility compared to command line parameters. Query values directly and process them in your program or script. SpaceObServer helps you on your first steps by providing a choice of useful sample programs and scripts.

You will find detailed information regarding all available OLE functions and configuration options here.

OLE automation is too complex for your taste? Simply use command line parameters. Pass them to the included program "SpaceObServerCmdLineParser" and receive the desired exports.

Read more about all available command line parameters here.

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