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SpaceObServer Add-onsAdd-ons for the Database-Based Disk Space Manager

The SpaceObServer Add-ons Remote Client and Web Access extend the functionality of SpaceObServer and can only be used in combination with the main software.

Overview: SpaceObServer and Add-ons

SpaceObServer scans servers and hard drives and stores scan results in a database. With the SpaceObServer Add-ons you can access the scan results remotely.

SpaceObServer Web Access

Access scans in your web browser

The web application SpaceObServer Web Access connects to the OLE interface of SpaceObServer and presents scan results in a user's web browser. No additional software needs to be installed on the workstation: only a compatible internet browser is required.

Users can see scan results and choose between different viewing options - all known from the SpaceObServer main application.

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SpaceObServer Remote Client

Remote access via network

The SpaceObServer Remote Client connects to the SQL database the scans are stored in and provides results for local users. It offers all visualization and exporting options of the SpaceObServer. Users can print or save the charts SpaceObServer creates as well as export reports or modify and start scans.

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