SmartSeriaMail Free has been discontinued

We at JAM Software will expand the focus on our core business, the development and optimization of server products. For this reason, we are discontinuing SmartSerialMail Free with immediate effect.

To help you find an alternative email management product, we made deals with other software vendors. Click here for more information.

Comparison between SmartSerialMail free, Small Business and Enterprise Edition

We offer the newsletter software as Freeware, Small Business and Enterprise Edition. Quickly compare the range of functions and find the right edition for you.

Comparison Freeware Edition Small Business Edition Enterprise

collapse all minus
expand all plus

Serial email delivery
minus Bulk email: Each recipient will receive an individual email

Create your newsletter with SmartSerialMail just like a traditional serial letter and send it separately to each recipient.
minus Intuitive setup wizard

Existing MS Outlook account settings can simply be transferred into SmartSerialMail. Even without an existing Outlook account you will be able to easily create an email profile within SmartSerialMail in just a few steps.
minus Maximum number of recipients per mailing list

SmartSerialMail can organize your recipients into mailing lists. Various functions (e.g. a duplicate search) allow you to easily manage your recipient data.
200 Unlimited Unlimited
minus Maximum number of mailing lists

Organize any number of recipient lists and even assign them to individual categories. Additional features of SmartSerialMail (e.g. excluding one list from another with just a single mouse click.) will facilitate the management of your mailing lists.
1 Unlimited Unlimited
minus Email delivery restriction per day

SmartSerialMail manages your dispatches automatically in the background and allows you to send as many emails as you want. If problems occur you can easily restart the mail delivery task without sending an email twice.
400 Unlimited
(max. number of recipients: 10,000 per sending task)
minus Interval sending options

Bypass transmission limitations of your email provider thanks to SmartSerialMail's intermittent deliveries feature.
minus Scheduled delivery times

SmartSerialMail allows you to define the specific time your newsletter mailing is to be sent out. Send out your mailing whenever you want, without the need to start the software's interface.
minus Set a recipient limit

Circumvent provider limitations and define how many emails shall be sent out in a single sending task.
Recipient management
minus Easily import recipient lists

The import wizard for recipient lists helps you to easily insert your recipient data from various sources into new or existing lists. The trick: Once you have imported a specific recipient list, you will be able to run the same import again with just one mouse click!
minus Import data from different formats

No matter wich format your recipient list is in, be it Excel, Outlook, Text, CSV or a database: With SmartSerialMail you will be able to import your existing customer data from several formats without having to re-enter them again manually.
Limited JA JA
minus Update recipient lists

The Enterprise Edition enables you to update recipient lists without having to reimport them.
minus Filter recipient lists

Filter your recipient lists and send serial emails only to users that match specific criteria (e.g. a certain language).
minus Blacklisting

By using blacklists SmartSerialMail is giving you the opportunity to exclude certain recipients from a newsletter mailing, without having to delete them directly from your recipient list.
minus Use wildcards in blacklists

Employ wildcards to easily exclude e.g. all addresses of a certain domain from your recipient lists.
Fast and uncomplicated editor for individual newsletter
minus Integrated HTML editor

The integrated HTML editor helps you design professional email and newsletter templates. Work in the HTML editor and see how the email will look like or change the contents directly in the HTML source code of your template.
minus Sample newsletter templates

Several predefined newsletter templates will help you getting started to design your own newsletter in an easy way - free of charge, of course.
minus Quick overview of images used in your mailing

A separate overview of used images makes professional work with the SmartSerialMail editor even more foolproof.
minus Upload wizard loads images on a webserver

With the help of the SmartSerialMail upload wizard you will be able to easily upload all images used in your newsletter to a webserver. Not only will storing the pictures on a webserver reduce the size of your emails, it will also enable you to easily track how often recipients open and read your newsletter.
minus Overview of all HTML links for a quick and easy editing

Add a tracking code to your links and assemble statistics by integrating tracking-software e.g. Google Analytics or Piwik.
minus Compatibility preview for all popular email programs

The SmartSerialMail compatibility test provides a quick overview of how your email appears in all major email programs and web clients. Unwanted or corrupted newsletter representations can thus be prevented in advance.
Design individual emails for each recipient
minus Individually address your recipients

Personally address each recipient of your newsletter or serial mail with their first name and surname by using placeholders.
minus Customize user-defined columns in your recipient lists

Create or import your own individual columns in your recipient lists and use their content in your mailing by employing predefined placeholders. (see "Conditional placeholders")
minus Conditional placeholders

Use simple "if - then" logic and thus create "intelligent" email templates within SmartSerialMail - e.g. to greet each recipient according to gender.
minus Highly flexible placeholder logic

Use placeholders and quick-parts even more flexibly: use recursive placeholders to insert quick-parts and define their names via a column of your recipient list - e.g. the language or gender of the recipient.
minus Many template functions

Employ template functions to use e.g. values of single columns of your recipient list as parameters.
minus Define your own, individual quick-parts

Create as many individual and self-defined quick-parts as you like to optimize your workflow. Frequently recurring content such as footers, addresses or predefined placeholders can be managed easily and efficiently.
minus Send attachments

SmartSerialMail enabley you to attach files to your newsletters. The integrated automatic file compression automatically minimizes huge file attachments and thus reducees the size of your e-blast.
minus Send individual attachments

With SmartSerialMail you will be able to send individual attachments to each recipient. Simply define placeholders in the file name and send different files to different recipients.
minus Send out carbon copies

You can optionally send your mailing with a carbon copy (cc) for each recipient.
Manage responses, subscriptions and cancellations
minus Collect return mails

With SmartSerialMail you will be able to keep your recipient lists up-to-date by collecting undeliverable emails (so-called bounce mails). Simply edit or manage email addresses from undeliverable messages within your recipient list and avoid delivery failures during your next mailing.
minus Collect subscriptions and cancellations

SmartSerialMail helps you organize your recipient data, e.g. collect registrations in a new email list or delete revoked subscriptions directly from your recipient lists. With SmartSerialMail it is up to you to decide how to handle your newsletter subscriptions and cancellations.
minus Read email content when collecting subscriptions

Read specific information in a subscription email's content and automatically add them to your recipient lists.
minus Connect SmartSerialMail to your opt-in process

Enter a subscription address in the text of your subscription email and connect SmartSerialMail to your double-opt-in-process.
Preview and Spam-Report
minus Preview your newsletter

By using the preview function within SmartSerialMail, you will quickly get an impression of how your newsletter will look like before sending it out.
minus Spam report prior to sending

Many informative newsletters do not reach their recipient, because they are classified as spam in advance and thus are delivered directly into the junk mailbox. With the SmartSerialMail spam report you will get an evaluation of your current newsletter creation regarding the probability whether the current content of your newsletter is classified as spam.
minus Work simultaneously with several SmartSerialMail installations

SmartSerialMail enables you to work simultaneously on several workstations and the same database at the same time. Provide parallel access to customer mailings and let your marketing team work on different parts of your newsletter at the same time, optimizing your general workflow. By using a Microsoft SQL database's connectivity, you can increase your team's performance even more.
minus Move the database

Change the location of your database within your system.