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Sale of SmartSeriaMail discontinued

We at JAM Software will expand the focus on our core business, the development and optimization of server products. For this reason, we are discontinuing the distribution of SmartSerialMail with immediate effect.

Acquired licenses can be used indefinitely according to our terms and conditions. Customers with valid maintenance receive technical support until the end of the support period, both by email and phone.

To help you find an alternative email management product, we made deals with other software vendors. Click here for more information.

Manage addresses, lighten server load, avoid lawsuits

Every email marketing campaign creates a list of addresses to be excluded from sending operations:

  • Invalid email addresses create bounce emails.
  • Customers unsubscribe from your newsletter.
  • Certain customers shall be excluded from sending operations temporarily.

Maybe the worst case has already happened and you have received a cease-and-desist order. If you send out another email after that, you risk heavy fines or even a lawsuit. Unfortunately, such an email can easily be sent by mistake, for instance if the email address has not been removed from the database or an old address list is used.

To lighten the load bounce mails place on your server, respect your customers' wishes and avoid financial damage we recommend using blacklists.

What is an email blacklist?

Blacklists are address lists used in every sending process. All email addresses on those lists will be excluded from sending operations.

To see how many recipients will be blocked you can always check your address list against the blacklists manually - SmartSerialMail will perform this check automatically before sending out any email.

How do I create a blacklist?

It's really simple: You add a new address list, import the email addresses and select the list type "Blacklist". Define whether blacklists should be used globally or only for the category they were saved under in your user profile,

A blacklist in SmartSerialMail can be handled just like any other list: You can import email adresses and edit the recipient lists in the internal database.

You can also add cancellations you receive via the opt-out feature.

To block whole domains from receiving emails you can use wildcards (variables). Entering "*", for instance, blocks all addresses ending on "".

E-Mail Blacklists with SmartSerialMail

Should a customer rescind the cancellation at a later date you can easily revome the address from the blacklist at any time.

Your colleague has deleted the wrong address? Use the history to roll back to a previous version of your blacklist!