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SmartSerialMailv7.4Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

Sale of SmartSeriaMail discontinued

We at JAM Software will expand the focus on our core business, the development and optimization of server products. For this reason, we are discontinuing the distribution of SmartSerialMail with immediate effect.

Acquired licenses can be used indefinitely according to our terms and conditions. Customers with valid maintenance receive technical support until the end of the support period, both by email and phone.

To help you find an alternative email management product, we made deals with other software vendors. Click here for more information.

Personalized email marketing done right

"Dear Ms. Collins" instead of "Dear Sir or Madam" - that's how a newsletter has to start! Personalized communication is a must in customer relationship management. Send customized emails to address your customers by name and strengthen business relationships.

Add text modules to your serial email using placeholders. Use:

  • Any value in your recipient list, e.g. the customer's first and last name
  • Any value in your sending profile, e.g. an return address
  • A function, e.g. date or time
  • A link-shortcut relying on your bounce email management settings
  • A Quick Part, e.g. your letterhead

Depending on the value in your customer database SmartSerialMail can choose the right placeholder for you: the returning customers Ms. Summer and Mr. Marten are greeted by name. Both are offered a special discount based on their last orders.

Use conditional placeholders to connect customer information with email content and insert the right quick part for each individual customer with recursive placeholders.

Easily insert placeholders in your bulk e-mails.

Ms. Summer receives an offer of 15 % off of any gardening equipment, if Mr. Marten orders a book or an e-book, it will be reduced by 25 %.

The versatile email marketing software SmartSerialMail allows you to set your own placeholders to personalize your newsletter even more.