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SmartSerialMailv7.4Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

Sale of SmartSeriaMail discontinued

We at JAM Software will expand the focus on our core business, the development and optimization of server products. For this reason, we are discontinuing the distribution of SmartSerialMail with immediate effect.

Acquired licenses can be used indefinitely according to our terms and conditions. Customers with valid maintenance receive technical support until the end of the support period, both by email and phone.

To help you find an alternative email management product, we made deals with other software vendors. Click here for more information.

Design your emails in our easy-to-use HTML Editor

Email marketing means not only sending out information, it means creating a captivating design to embed them in. But how do you design a serial email or newsletter? It's time to use the best newsletter software available!

SmartSerialMail's integrated HTML editor enables you to create impressive newsletters quickly and easily. The comfortable and neatly arranged interface facilitates your design process; a wide range of additional features makes sure you create the optimal serial email for each occasion.

Either design your newsletter in the What You See Is What You Get editor ("WYSIWYG") or work directly in the HTML source code. No matter if pro or beginner - with SmartSerialMail everybody can obtain stunning results. Need some help getting started? Check out the the free HTML templates SmartSerialMail has to offer.

Create and edit emails in the SmartSerialMail HTML editor.

Made a mistake? Use the history to roll back to the five most recent versions of your email content.

Pictures and graphics

A serial email without pictures? Unthinkable! Integrate clickable graphics and put your tracking software to work. Manage your pictures easily with SmartSerialMail: keep track of graphical elements or swap them with just a few clicks.

Link management

"Contact us via email" - such a sentence needs a direct link. SmartSerialMail offers a clear and easy-to-use interface making link management an easy task. Keep your tracking links up to date and make sure that your customers are always sent to the right place.

Plain text emails

You are unsure whether to send you newsletter in HTML or plain text format? With SmartSerialMail you can have it both ways. You versatile email marketing software appends your content - as far as possible - as plain text automatically or lets you steer the process manually.

Protected mode

The protected mode keeps your emails safe from everyone but HTML pros. Once the mode has been activated the WYSIWYG editor is blocked, changes can only be made in the HTML source code.

The SmartSerialMail Enterprise Edition offers an even wider range of features, making your newsletter creation even easier:

Automatic picture upload

Upload all the pictures you embedded in your serial email to your webserver with a single click. Not only will you reduce the size of your mailing and thus lighten the load on your customers' inboxes, you will also be able to measure open rates and create user statistics via tracking.

HTML compatibility check

You did your job well - the mailing looks great! But there's still one thing left to check. How does it look in Google Mail or any other web-based email service? How about a downloaded version in Outlook? And what if a customer opens your newsletter on his smartphone? Luckily, SmartSerialMail comes with an integrated compatibility check. Rely on your email marketing software and rest secure that your professional image won't be tarnished by easily avoidable formatting errors.