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Sample Projects

Would you like to know how best to use ShellBrowser WPF Components? Have a look at our sample projects!

They are included in all licenses of ShellBrowser WPF Components, and are also part of the evaluation copy.

You can download the sample applications in executable form here:

Sample Project: JAMExplorer

JAM Explorer XP

JamExplorer is an example illustrating the usage of some of the main controls of ShellBrowser WPF, showing how to easily synchronize the components using a ShellControlConnector. The options provided via the menu present some of the main configuring options for the controls and give an idea how to interact programmatically.

Sample Project: ExplorerBrowser

ExplorerBrowser Sample The ExplorerBrowser sample project shows you how to use the ExplorerBrowser component. The ExplorerBrowser control emulates an entire Windows Explorer. See how easily you can configure columns and display panes, apply filters, or set group and sorting options.

Sample Project: ShellChangeNotifier

ShellChangeNotifier Sample The ShellChangeNotifier component works behind the scenes and reports changes in the file system. The example projects illustrates how it is configured to only capture certain types of events and to restrict the scope of notifications.

Sample Project: FilePreview

Preview Sample The ShellFilePreview component works like the Preview Pane in Windows File Explorer - it makes use of registered PreviewHandlers to show the contents of a file. The example also illustrates how to use the ShellBrowser classes as model for some arbitrary WPF control (a WPF ListView in this case) and how to attach and add custom entries to a ShellContextMenu, that will display the same context menu for file system objects as Windows Explorer.

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