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ShellBrowser Delphi Componentsv11.0Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

Emulate the right pane of the Windows Explorer

Creating an explorer-like interface for your application has never been easier. Simply use the ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition and get the real look and feel! Both components support drag and drop operations.


The TJamShellList Delphi Component displays the contents of a folder. While being highly customizable in its default state, it is looking and behaving exactly like the file list in the right pane of the Windows Explorer. In addition, you have full access to the possible operations by the user.

The list can switch between the view styles Details, Small Icons, Large Icons, List, and Thumbnails. The visible shell columns in the Details view can easily be manipulated. Alternatively, custom columns can be added to fit the requirements of your application.

T Jam Shell List

In the Thumbnail view, every thumbnail is loaded in its own thread to increase the performance and optimize the user experience while browsing.

You can easily merge your own Popup menu with the Shell context menu. As you can see in the screenshot, the background context menu is fully supported. You can even define your own background. In addition, all features of the TJamShellTree are implemented in the TJamShellList and both components can easily be synchronized by using the TJamShellLink control.

Experience the possibilities of the TJamShellList component in our sample application.


The TJamSystemShellView component displays the contents of a folder in a ListView-like control.

T Jam Shell List

It is a true instance of the right pane of the Windows Explorer and therefore looks and behaves exactly like the Windows Explorer of the system it is running on.

While the TJamShellList component is more versatile, the TJamSystemShellView control supports all features of the right Windows Explorer pane.

It offers a a full background context menu, all available shell columns and a view style mode where the view style is automatically determined by the content of the folder, e.g. Thumbnail view for a folder containing images.

Additionally, you can switch between the view styles Details, Small Icons, Large Icons, List, and Thumbnails.

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