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Applications using ShellBrowser Delphi Components

logois a compact file manager for people needing to access multiple folders as quickly as possible. With Chameleon Explorer users can use a special menu to favorite folders at every time (even in open and save dialogs), split the explorer window into up to four panels to show different folders at once, save sets of preferred folders to be opened together, and filter folder content. It replaces the Windows Explorer and is compatible with all Windows Explorer extensions.

Without ShellBrowser Delphi Components, I would (most probably) not have begun working on my project. Implementing all the complicated functions ShellBrowser covers would simply have taken too much time. Many thanks for the great support. My product would not have been released without the changes to ShellBrowser you implemented and the quick bugfixes! Everything works fast, stable, and just as I designed it.

Evgeni Shmakov


ShellBrowser Delphi Components are the best VCL Shell tools I have seen including Plasmatech which I used for years but which is no longer being updated. Keep up the good work.

Bill Miller

I just wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with the latest version (V7.3) of ShellBrowser for Delphi, it's brilliant. Inconsistencies that I had experienced with older versions under Windows 7 have gone, without me having to change my code. Keep up the excellent work.

Mick Florey

I have done a quite extensive shootout between Shellshock, GXExplorer, Shell control Pack and ShellBrowser.

GXExplorer and Shellshock still have major bugs, and become very unstable after about 3 seconds of usage.

Shell Control pack (Plasmatech) is a bit limited in the feature set. Nice though...Major problem is that their support doesn't bother to get back to you, even if you are a potential customer. (4 Stars)

ShellBrowser (Jam Software) seems to do everything one can ask for...has all the feature both ShellShock and GXExplorer have. Support is excellent, although not even a registered customer. (5 Stars)

Stiaan Pretorius

I have recently purchased your Shellbrowser Delphi Components and love them, I was using [other commercial shell components] but yours are streaks ahead, very reasonably priced and excellent documentation too.

Fermin Fernandez