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ServerSentinel Remote Clientv4.2The Remote Access for ServerSentinel

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You are a Microsoft Most Valued Professional or a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

Here's what we can offer you!

You would rather configure ServerSentinel from your workplace than have to establish a regular remote connection to the server? Then ServerSentinel Remote Client is the right add-on for your ServerSentinel installation. The lean desktop application allows you to flexibly access already collected data of the ServerSentinel database, configure sensors and create new sensors.

Remote Client is an add-on to the smart monitoring software and can only be used in combination with a ServerSentinel installation in the same network, if Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL is deployed.

Your Benefits:

  • All important information about your IT infrastructure always at your fingertips from any computer
  • Comfortable access to the configuration and system status of monitored systems
  • Easy management of sensors from the local computer
  • Possibility of parallel access by you and your IT colleagues

The user interface of the Remote Client matches the familiar user interface of ServerSentinel. The intelligent add-on allows users to flexibly configure sensors and actions and access the collected data. Simply connect the client to the database used by ServerSentinel (ServerSentinel has to use Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL).

Chart showing functionality of ServerSentinel Remote Client
Functionality of ServerSentinel Remote Client

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