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ServerSentinel & USB Switchable Power Socket

Switch devices on or off in Case of Failure

Any device can be switched on or off by an action in ServerSentinel and with the help of a switchable USB socket. ServerSentinel can, for instance, turn on additional ventilation supplies when a certain system temperature has exceeded its limit. The particular switching status is displayed via LED.

Examples of use

  • Controlling fans or air conditioning in combination with the USB Temperature Sensor
  • Turning highly visible signals on and off to indicate critical situations


  • PC-controlled mains switch with switchable socket (please note: A German socket ("Schuko") is located in the top of the socket. It will also accept EURO plugs.)
  • Device specifications
    • Switches 230V / 16 A, max. 3,500 W
      (single phase motor rating max. 550 W) using reliable Finder relay
    • USB device with 1.80 m cable
    • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform/ IP20
    • For indoor use only, protect against humidity
    • Permissible operating temperature range: 10° - 60° Celsius
  • Existing USB drivers are sufficient, no separate drivers need to be installed
  • PC programs may fail or may be interfered through other programs. Don't connect devices to the USB socket that may case harm if the switch turns on unexpected.

Purchase the USB Switchable Power Socket here.

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