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USB Contact Sensor

USB Contact Sensor <br/>(16-Channels)

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Flexible monitoring with the 16-channel contact sensor

With ServerSentinel and compatible hardware you can easily monitor smoke detectors or motion detectors. Simply connect all compatible devices to the 16-channel contact sensor and use ServerSentinel to keep an eye on all monitoring hardware. This way errors and warnings can be processed automatically - your building security is guaranteed.


  • PC-controlled contact sensor (connects to a potential-free contact)
  • Device specifications:
    • Fully configurable input device with 16 channels
    • Black plastic case 45 x 90 x 23 mm
    • 25 pin D-Sub connector (male)
    • Temperature range -20° to +80° C
    • USB cable, length ca. 2 m
    • Multiple devices connected to a single PC can be controlled via the unique serial number
    • 5 V connector, max. 0,5 mA
    • For indoor use only

The connector kit enables quick and easy connections:

It contains:

  • 25 pin D-Sub socket for soldering
  • 25 pin D-Sub socket for ribbon cable
  • 0.5 m 25 pin ribbon cable
  • one 25 pin D-Sub connector housing

Purchase the 16-channel USB contact sensor and the connector kit here.

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