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Monitor network devices with SNMP sensors

SNMP sensors (Simple Network Management Protocol) can facilitate your daily routine tremendously. They enable you to monitor nearly every possible network device either actively or passively. Take, for example, your UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply): regular queries make sure this centerpiece of physical server security works at all times.

ServerSentinel offers two different sensors: SNMP requests (for active monitoring), and SNMP traps (for passive monitoring).

SNMP Request

The SNMP request sensor queries manufacturer-specific values of any network device. You define, which values shall be queried in which intervals. ServerSentinel supports all current SNMP versions (SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3).

With an SNMP request you can easily test, for example, if a certain port of a router is assigned or if it is free. ServerSentinel will also detect any network errors and send out warnings.


SNMP-capable network devices can send messages via SNMP (also known as SNMP traps). ServerSentinel can receive and interpret these SNMP traps as long as the server you use to run ServerSentinel is registered with the network device.

By receiving SNMP traps, ServerSentinel can, for example, inform you about the toner level in your printer, enabling you to order replacements before the cartridge runs dry.

To monitor only certain network devices or specific computers respectively subnet groups you can set filters.

Monitor network devices with SNMP sensors

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