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Monitor email servers with mail sensors.

Today, business life is not imaginable without email-servers. They facilitate internal and external communication: departments discuss new projects via email, your sales team provides offers and the marketing manager sends out newsletters. All these actions have one thing in common: they need an available email server and access to all email accounts stored on it.

ServerSentinel monitors the availability of your mail server and the email accounts at any time using different sensors.

SMTP sensor (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

SMTP sensors can be used to test whether the mail server is available and the SMTP service is working. The SMTP service receives and sends email and is a key factor in daily communication.

POP3 sensor (Post Office Protocol)

POP3 queries email accounts and transfers the emails to your machine. The POP3 sensor checks whether there are emails on your servers and if the server is available, just like any normal email software would. It can gather detailed information, such as the number or the size of all emails in your inbox.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

IMAP works similar to POP3 with one exception: emails are not downloaded from the server, only copies are moved to your computer. Your email correspondence remains available for access from e.g. other work stations.

You can use the IMAP sensor - just like the POP3 sensor - to query more detailed information. If you use the IMAP sensor you can define which folder shall be monitored.

Monitor disk space usage of inboxes

With ServerSentinel you can easily monitor the disk space usage of inboxes. Once a predefined threshold has been crossed, ServerSentinel sends out a warning to the administrators and reminds the user in question to clean up the inbox.

Mail sensors monitor inboxes

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