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SpaceObServer Remote Clientv6.0The remote access for SpaceObServer

The SpaceObServer Remote Client is an add-on for the SpaceObServer and requires a full SpaceObServer installation.

With the SpaceObServer Remote Client you can access all SpaceObServer scan results from different workstations across the entire network. Administrators can grant users the right to start scans and change scan settings.

The SpaceObServer user interface is integrated into thfe Remote Client, enabling users to easily access data gathered in former scans without having to start a new scan each time. Simply connect to the database the scan results of SpaceObServer are stored in and results will be available within a few seconds.

The SpaceObServer Remote Client supports all visualization and exporting options of SpaceObServer. Via the integrated OLE Automation interface users can easily access the scan data or trigger exports from individual programs as well as their own scripts, e.g. for the individually configured automatic exporting of scan results.

For further information regarding the SpaceObServer Remote Client, please refer to our online manual FAQ Remote Client.

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