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FileListv4.1Create Lists of Directory Contents and File Properties

Version 4.1.1: Released on 23 Jul 2018

FileList will no longer calculate extensions for folder names which contain periods.

The prompt to close FileList when starting without parameters is now written to the error stream.


Version 4.1: Released on 18 Jun 2018

FileList can now include all columns supported by Windows Explorer

The calculation for the directory level has been adjusted to match the values used in TreeSize. A file which had previously been listed with a directory level of 0 would now show on level 1. This also affects the options /MinLevel and /MaxLevel

You can now include the summarized information of the targeted directory by using /MinLevel 0 and an attribute filter which would include folders.

The filter options have been extended and now allow to specify separate /INCLUDE and /EXCLUDE filters.

Bugfix: Files excluded using /Maxlevel did not count towards the size of their containing folders. They are now taken into account again.

The product icon for FileList has been updated.


Version 4.0: Released on 14 Nov 2017

Support for Windows XP / Server 2003 has been dropped.

The column selection has been completely overhauled and enhanced:

οUsing the new parameter /USECOLUMNS, you may now specify an explicit list of columns to show. This allows you not only to override the default columns, but also to specify the order in which the columns would appear.

οThe parameter /ADDITIONALCOLUMNS replaces the previous option /COLUMNS and may still be used to add view types to the predefined set of columns.

Increased precision for the allocated size: FileList now handles resident data and modern compression algorithms correctly.

Using /DATEFORMAT, you can now choose one of several date formats to use with date values. This parameter extends and replaces the /ISO option.

The /LISTSEPARATOR parameter has been enhanced and now supports the tabulator also. Using /LISTSEPARATOR TAB, the quotes for textual columns will also be omitted.

With the new parameter /MAXDATE, you may now specify a maximum change date for files. Only files which have been changed before this date will be displayed.

Improvement: The overall performance has been increased.

Improvement: Some temporary files are known to have very long, random name endings. These fictitious name endings are no longer considered to be an extension.

Bugfix: The column "File version" now displays the file version from EXE and DLL files, and no longer the product version. The advantage of the file version is that it typically has more digits and a fixed format, while the product version can be any text.


Version 3.3: Released on 23 May 2016

FileList now scans mobile devices. Simply access your device using "This PC\MyDevice" as path.

With the new parameter /MAXLEVEL you may now specify a maximum directory level to be enumerated.

Using /MINLEVEL, you can now specify a minimum directory level.

Added option /PATHLENGTH which adds an additional column with the length of full path of file or folder.

Use /MINPATHLENGTH to show only files whose full path has at least the specified length.

Added short parameters for common parameters to enhance the workflow.

Improvement: The console help has been completely renewed. It now provides more information about the available functions.


Version 3.2.1: Released on 21 Apr 2015

Bugfix: Files without attributes were not listed if * was defined as AttributeFilter. This is no longer the case.


Version 3.2: Released on 25 Mar 2015

The error management of FileList has been improved, exit codes have been added.

The new parameter /COLUMNS that adds a comma-separated set of columns to the output has been introduced.

Bugfix: Symbolic links can now be included in the FileList output.

Bugfix: The directory level is now calculated correctly.

Bugfix: Sparse files and folders were not listed if "L" was defined as AttributeFilter.

A few minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Version 3.1: Released on 15 Jul 2014

FileList is now also able to export Folder information.

Introduced new Attribute Filters: Offline (O), Sparse (P), Directory (D), All Files and Folders (*).


Version 3.0: Released on 26 Nov 2013

You can now use /ISO to display file dates in ISO format.

Added seconds to time values.

Improvement: use /FRN  to output an additional column with the NTFS file reference number.

With /DIRLEVEL the depth of any file can be displayed.

Type /NOTITLE to omit the task descriptions but not the column headers.

Improved Filters: /ATTRIBUTEFILTER filters files by their file attributes.

Added option /MINDATE to define a change date. Only files which have been changed after this date will be displayed.

FileList is now using the extremely fast search technology of UltraSearch. The scanning speed has increased about 25% by working directly on the NTFS file system.

It's now possible to scan file systems of other machines in your local network by using their names.


Version 2.4: Released on 16 Jan 2012

Improvement: In case an error occurs that prevents FileList from doing its job, the Windows error code will be set as exit code for the process.

If the output is redirected, it now contains the UTF8 BOM.

Bugfix: If stderr was redirected using 2>, the resulting file was empty.

A few minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Version 2.3.2: Released on 06 Jan 2012

Bugfix: After FileList was called with redirect (>) on Windows XP, batch files were no longer executed properly.

The "FileList.Exe" file now includes version information and an icon.


Version 2.3.1: Released on 02 Mar 2011

Bugfix: Output which is redirected to a file now also properly outputs Unicode characters.


Version 2.3: Released on 29 Nov 2010

Added option /FULLPATH which outputs one column with the full path of each file instead of one column with the name and one with the directory path.

Added option /SHA256 which outputs a column with the SHA256 checksum of each file.

Added command line switch /MINSIZE that allows to specify a minimum file size for the files to be listed.

Improved support for path fragments when using the /FILTER command line switch,  e.g. *\System32\*.DLL

Improved performance.


Version 2.2: Released 30 Mar 2010

Now paths longer than 255 characters are supported.

Now error messages are written to StdError, formerly they were not displayed at all.

Some minor improvements have been included.


Version 2.1: Released 26 Aug 2009

Added command line switch /VERSIONS that extracts version info from binary files

Added command line parameter /LISTSEPARATOR that allows you to set the character used for separating the columns. By default the list separator from the "Regional Settings" of the Windows Control Panel is used.

Bugfix: For some file sizes >4GB 1 byte was missing

Bugfix: Directories starting with a dot have been ignored in previous versions


Version 2.0: Released 21 Jan 2008

Support for Windows 9x/ME has been dropped

Large parts of the source code have been rewritten

Added optional MD5 column which can be activated with the /MD5 switch

Added optional column for the last save date of MS Office documents


Version 1.6: Released 18 May 2007

Bugfix: The /ATTRIBUTES switch was not working as expected.


Version 1.5: Released 30 Aug 2006

A column that shows the file attributes for each file can now be included using the command line switch /ATTRIBUTES


Version 1.41: Released on 24 Mar 2006

Bugfix: The OWNERS and AUTHORS command line parameter was accidentally switched.


Version 1.4: Released on 25 Jan 2006

The owner column is now optional and can be activated with the command line switch /OWNERS

The internal scanning routines are now Unicode enabled.


Version 1.3.3: Released on 01 Dec 2005

The file size of files >4GB was not returned correctly.


Version 1.3.2: Released on 30 Sep 2005

Added quotes also around the values of the extension column.

The DLL that accompanied the previous versions is not necessary any more.


Version 1.3.1: Not officially released

Added command line option /NOHEADER that leaves out the column headers and only prints the raw data


Version 1.3: Released on 15 Apr 2004

Problem fixed with file sizes >2GB

Added columns for creation date and extension


Version 1.2: Released 13 May 2003

Smaller .EXE file

New command line option /AUTHORS

New command line switch /FILTER


Version 1.1: Released 30 May 2002

FileList now uses the list separator char that is set in the control panel to seperate the columns.

Strings are now quoted so that the list seperator may also appear inside file names without causing problems.


Version 1.0: Released on 13 Mar 2002

First public release