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September 2017


+++ ServerSentinel Version 4: with recipes for Security and Comfort +++
+++ SpaceObServer Version 6: 64 Bit-Power with a new User Interface +++
+++ ShellBrowser Delphi: Enhance your own Explorer Clone +++ 


Dear Customers,

JAM Software has your cookbook: recipes for security, power and performance. Because we do have the right ingredients:


With Recipes:
ServerSentinel Version 4 with Security and Comfort


New GUI, new DB, new Filtesr:
SpaceObServer Version 6 with 64 Bit-Power


Your own Explorer Clone: 
ShellBrowser Delphi Version 10.4 with Drag Operations from arbitrary VCL Controls


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With best regards from Trier


Nina Blumkina

Falk-Rafael Bubacz


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Icon  ServerSentinel V4 - Smart Server Monitoring for a Modest Price

Besides the already known features and sensors of ServerSentinel, we now offer ServerSentinel Recipes. These are use cases, which will help you to show your customers what ServerSentinel can achieve:

     Inform the administrator in case of …
      ... the CPU usage surpasses a pre-defined treshold
      ... the bridging time of the UPS descreases
      … the remaining storage falls below a pre-defined value

Further information - and a fully functional free trial version - is available on our web site.

Download the ServerSentinel Trial for free or read on.

  SpaceObServer v6 – Manage Your Storage Resources

Used by the biggest software companies in the world comes a new major version equipped with some additional benefits:

      • a unique similarity search
      • scan of access rights (ACLs)
      • new reporting- and filter-functions 
        (e.g. OUs for Exchange scans)
      • more performance

Tipp: Try the new SpaceObServer for free.

  ShellBrowser Delphi V10.4 - to Create Your own Customized File Browser 

The TJamExplorerBrowser provides a complete, configurable Windows Explorer view. But with the most recent version of ShellBrowser for Delphi OLE drag-and-drop with the Windows Explorer and similar applications becomes even more comfortable through TJamDragFiles.

By using this new component you can start shell drag operations from arbitrary VCL controls. Have a look at the OleDragDrop example project to check out how it works.

More features and improvements like the TJamShellSearchEdit and the feedback of a current search under TJamShellList are to explore here.


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