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Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

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I was looking for a product like this because my newly upgraded Windows 10 PC showed my used disk space to be about double what I thought. After running TreeSize, I discovered that my "System Volume Information" folder was the disk space hog.

Your software was easy to install and use. Also, I am a visually impaired person who uses Job Access with Speech (JAWS), text-to-speech software vended by Freedom Scientific in the U.S. to allow blind computer users to have access to Windows PCs.

Your software was totally accessible using this software, whereas many non-Windows software products are not. Thanks for this cool product.

Ronald K.

This is the most brilliant application I've ever downloaded. My hard drive had been losing free space for weeks and I had begun to despair of finding what was swallowing it up before it ran out of space - until I found TreeSize. In less than 10 minutes it had found the culprit. I thought I was going to end up reinstalling my Windows system (horror), but now all I have to do is reinstall my Internet Security. Thank you, JAM Software - long may you prosper!

John Bell

I want to say congratulations on this app. It's small, effective and quick. My 1TB HDD populates within 15 seconds, and my 500GB SSD within 7-8 seconds.

The interface is quite clean and simple. Navigation to find your resource hogs is efficient and /much/ quicker than, say, using the Windows property box.

I must say thanks for this program, it has saved me a /lot/ of time and allowed me to juggle games to and from SSD and HDD (it's a pain to keep track of which game is on what disk otherwise).


There are few pieces of software that I have come across in my 25 years in the PC business that are truly outstanding but this is definitely one of them. It does just what it "says on the can" quietly, efficiently and at incredible speed. It works on a 12 year old PC and on the latest Intel core i7 Extreme PC.

C. D. Hardman

"Thank you for making and releasing TreeSize Free. It helped me to get a quick handle on what was taking up space on my drive."

M. Swan

"This program is great! My C drive was supposedly 100% full, but my PC wouldn't show me the files filling it up. This program did. Thanks."

Marc Berlin

"Had a problem with my large hard drive mysteriously showing full. Tried other programs to find the bug, tried your TreeSize Free and found immediately that a program had somehow run wild and created 420 GB of a logjam. Great software."

Rick Jackson