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New Features, Many Improvements: SpaceObServer Version 6 Ahead!

The finish line is in sight, the release date of SpaceObServer v6 draws nearer. New features, a redesigned user interface, and many improvements await users.

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The Highlights of SpaceObServer Version 6

New: File Preview

The new file preview on the "Details" tab shows you the most important meta data of a selected file. If the file type is supported, SpaceObServer will also show a preview of the file content.

Schneller Durchblick mit der Datei-Vorschau.

New: Changed Compatibilities

Time waits for no software - not even for SpaceObServer. Version 6 comes with the following compatibility changes:

  • Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported.
  • The 32 Bit version (Enterprise and Standard Edition) is available on demand.
  • SpaceObServer now supports MS SQL Azure.
  • IBM DB2 database server is no longer supported.
  • SpaceObServer v6 can no longer scan Exchange Server 2003.
  • .Net Framework 4.0 is required.

SpaceObServer as Native 64-bit Application

Starting with version 6, SpaceObServer will be available as a native 64-bit application. This offers the following improvements on 64-bit operating systems:

  • SpaceObServer uses all accessible system memory.
  • Optimal usage of available logical address space.
  • Harmonic integration in your operating system.

Improved Exports

Embed all statistics and charts (such as bar/pie charts or user and duplicate lists) in your reports when using Excel, HTML, PDF, and "printed report".

Improved exports guarantee the perfect overview.

Select the information you require and create the perfect report.

Better Database

You don't have access to an SQL server but want to test SpaceObServer? The new default database "SpaceObServer Embedded" is here to help!

"SpaceObServer Embedded" is based on Firebird and offers a much better performance than the local MS Access database used as a fallback in the previous versions. Several limitations (such as no parallel access by processes) have been lifted - testing our software is now much easier!

Store Access Control Lists (ACL) in the Database

SpaceObServer version 6 can store access permissions (ACL) of files and folders in the database. This enables users to easily create filters for certain criteria (e. g. user name, permission type, owned or inherited permissions) and use them on a scanned folder structure.

You are looking for the effective permissions of all users and groups or for deviations from the permission inheritance hierarchy. You create a filter in SpaceObServer and the software collects the information - that's it.

New Look: Ribbon User Interface

The new version of SpaceObServer offers greatly improve the usability. The new ribbon UI is more than just a cosmetic measure: Easy navigation and feature selection secure user-friendliness.

Here's a first glimpse of version 6:

Manage permissions in the new user interface of SpaceObServer V6.

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