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ServerSentinel version 4 - Better Monitoring Coming Soon

ServerSentinel version 4 will be out soon. The biggest change: The user interface has been redesigned for easier navigation and overview. New charts and better configuration options add to the gain in usability. Monitoring has never been easier!

The Biggest Changes

  • The new, completely redesigned user interface uses the ribbon known from Microsoft products.
  • Users can customize the UI according to their requirements.
  • The new scheduler enables users to set exact check times.
  • Users can configure and manage action in the new action overview.
  • Improves charts ensure quick insight and facilitate sensor data interpretation.

Curious? Take a look!

The new main window in ServerSentinel v4.

Configure the main window of ServerSentinel version 4 to fit your requirements.

Configure and manage actions in the actions view.

New charts facilitate sensor data interpretation.

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